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Aerial Electrical Fittings >>> Cable connector >>> Installtion of Insulation piercing connector IPC

Installtion of Insulation piercing connector IPC

Simple Installtion

① Adjust the connector nut to suitable lacation, Put the branch wire into the cap sheath fully.
② Insert the mail wire, if there are two lays of insulated lay in the main cable should trip a certain ;ength of
the first insulated lay from inserted end. Tum the nut by hand,and fix the connector in suitable location.
③④ Screw the nut with the sleeve spanner. Screw the nut continually until the top part is cracked and
dropped down.

The reason of shoosing insulation piercing connector (IPC)
1.Simple installation
Can be branch of cable without striping the insulated coat and the joint is completely insulated,Make brance in the
the random location of cable without cutting off the main cable simple and reliable installation,just need sleeve spanner,
can be installed with on live line.
2.Safe use
The joint has good resistance to distortion,quake fire wet,electrochemical corrosion and aging,need no maintenance,
Has been used successfully for 30 year.
3.Economical cost
Small install ation space save the cost of bridge and land construction in structural application,there need no thermina
box,junction box and return wire of cable,save cable cost,The cost of cables and clamps is lower than others.

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