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JFC Piercing Arc Protection Hardware

   Application to Arc-protecting hardware against lightning-caused breuctors in 10kV distribution network.

2、Place the upper plate of hardware parallel to lowers when you install it, screw the torque nuts tightly, evenly and alternately,don’t stop screw-ing until the cap of nuts drops.the spanner is suggested to seal type spanner(such as box spanner、 double offset ring spanner、ratchet spanner etc),the opened type spanner is forbidden to use (such as adjustable wrench、open and wrench etc). While,different type arc-protection hardware, different the torque bole,so,it is forbidden to change forque bolt without any guidance during operating.
3、Install the arcing-plate at bottom ofinsulator,keep the adjust diatance(D and L)between arc-protection hardware and arcing-plate according to reference explanation of insulator.
4、Fita insulation cover to close piercing section of arc-protection hardware,the seizing and the clasp of insulation cover must be bound firm.

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