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Aerial Electrical Fittings >>> Suspension clamp >>> suspension clamp assembly ES1500

suspension clamp assembly ES1500

Suspension clamp wholesalers,suspension clamp for ABC, suspension clamp angele assembly,suspension clamp manufacturer, NFC 33-041,EN61284,control quality as IS9001:2008

Each Suspension assembly shall include :

a) One numble suspension bracket

b) One number movable connecting (articulated)link

c) One number suspension clamp.

Suspension Bracket: Made of Aluminium Alloy suitable for attachment to a concrete pole by single 16 mm galvanized iron by

The suspension clamp and the movable connecting link shall be made of weather reseistant and machanically strong termos insulating material without any steel component.

TypeCross-section (mm2) Failure Load (kN)

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